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MAI is an ICT academy specialized in new technologies and training for both individuals and companies. We have been operating in Canary Islands since 2014, as a sister company to our mainland partner MAE. Our star product, FastTyping, has been implemented throughout the majority of top schools and professional training facilities up and down both Tenerife and Gran Canaria, not to mention many leading centres on the mainland.
MAI 25 años
We possess a solid experience base within the professional training sector, which in turn, allows us to continually improve our services and teaching techniques. We collaborate with numerous leading educational centres, companies, private and public organizations including city councils, all of whose support has been fundamental in the development of our services and subsequently our experience.


One of the important strengths that distinguishes MAI from other academies is our mobility. We move between municipalities, schools and companies, imparting our courses in-situ. Additionally, we also possess a variety of high quality computer equipment, which can be transported together with our teaching staff in order to deliver our services if necessary.
MAI Mobilidad


As can be expected, each training activity has its own set of characteristics and objectives. That said, we follow a series of common patterns applied across the board, which form the DNA of our methodology. We believe in practicality and our results reflect the efficiency of this approach. Where possible, our experience also allows us to adapt constantly to the needs and/or particular requirements of our final users.


Where we are

Our hallmark, mobility, allows us to provide our courses both as extracurricular and/or concerted activities, to private companies, public bodies and schools, in any municipality of the island of Tenerife and Gran Canaria.
Tenerife Gran Canaria
We are also in constant process of expansion, not only within the islands but through our sister academy on the mainland Academia MAE:



  • 13 Centres



  • 23 Centres
Basque Country

Basque Country


  • 4 Centres



  • 7 Centres



  • 3 Centres

In order to exceed our current geographic capabilities, we now also offer FastTyping Online our 15 hour online Digital Typing course:

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Our range of courses and training programs


Available versions:

  • Classroom
  • Online

Our star course, Digital Typing:

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Office Course

Office fundamentals:

  • Word processing
  • Presentations

Plus many more, a greatly popular course:

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Design Courses

Personalized design:

  • Graphic Design
  • Photography

Tailored design courses

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Business Courses

Essential professional training:

  • Increase employee performance
  • Personalized

Supported by the Tripartite Foundation:

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FastTyping Online is coming!

FastTyping Logo

If you do not know us already, Academia MAI has been operating in many schools and institutions up and down the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria for the past couple of years. Our star product FastTyping has been helping children and adults alike, to achieve great Touch Typing results quickly and efficiently. Up until now, FastTyping has only been available to students in a…

"Las familias han comprobado que FastTyping es práctico y no supone un gran esfuerzo". Directiva AMPA IES Las Llamas (Santander)