Annual FastTyping Championship Tenerife

Last Thursday 20th June, we celebrated our Annual FastTyping Championship Tenerife, held at Colegio Hispano Británico.

The basis of the competition were as follows:

To carry out three attempts at transcribing a given text, the best result of the three in terms of speed and accuracy being selected as the competition entry.

We would like to thank all of our students and in particular our participants, all of who demonstrated a remarkable attitude throughout the entire competition.

After an evening of stiff competition, the results were as follows:

FastTyping 1st year

  1. 330 keys/min: Adriana Monteverde
  2. 320 keys/min: David Martín
  3. 284 keys/min: Segolenn Armijo

FastTyping Advanced (2nd year)

  1. 451 keys/min: Dora Gómez
  2. 402 keys/min: Luz Namibia
  3. 339 keys/min: Marta Arzola

FastTyping Secondary

  1. 290 keys/min: Alexander Peña

A special thanks to our parents for your support, to Colegio Hispano Británico for receiving us and for your continued collaboration and finally to all our remaining schools and collaborators.

Without you all our project would not be a reality today.

¡Thanks and congratulations to all involved!

FastTyping Online is coming!

If you do not know us already, Academia MAI has been operating in many schools and institutions up and down the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria for the past couple of years. Our star product FastTyping has been helping children and adults alike, to achieve great Touch Typing results quickly and efficiently. Up until now, FastTyping has only been available to students in a classroom setting and under teacher supervision, a huge limitation when we consider the need for efficient typing skills across all areas of modern society today. It is therefore with great enthusiasm that we announce the arrival of FastTyping Online, a fully automated, internet based version of our star product that will be available to all for only €19.90. Our 15-hour course will initially be available in Spanish, English and Basque and will explore a variety of different typing techniques, exercises and also provide access to a range of fun online games to further enhance learning. We estimate that with only 15 minutes practice per day over 2 months, students will be able to successfully pass the course and drastically transform their typing ability.

FastTyping Logo

We believe that this is a great opportunity for both professionals and students across all sectors and fields. Just imagine the time and money that could be saved, not to mention the impact on our professional image, if we were all able to type as fast as we speak and without looking at the keyboard.

Our FastTyping Online information page can be accessed through this enlace or in the menu bar. There you will find more information on the course, related publications and access to our social networks.