MAI is an ICT academy specialized in new technologies and training for both individuals and companies.

We work with local and national companies, offering our experience and our wide knowledge base.

For us, our work revolves around our students and we are focused on developing their abilities.



One of the important strengths that distinguishes MAI from other academies is our mobility. We move between municipalities, schools and companies, imparting our courses in-situ. Additionally, we also possess a variety of high quality computer equipment, which can be transported together with our teaching staff in order to deliver our services if necessary.

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As can be expected, each training activity has its own set of characteristics and objectives. That said, we follow a series of common patterns applied across the board, which form the DNA of our methodology. We believe in practicality and our results reflect the efficiency of this approach. Where possible, our experience also allows us to adapt constantly to the needs and/or particular requirements of our final users.



We possess a solid experience base within the professional training sector, which in turn, allows us to continually improve our services and teaching techniques. We collaborate with numerous leading educational centres, companies, private and public organizations including city councils, all of whose support has been fundamental in the development of our services and subsequently our experience.